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A Fall of Moondust

A Fall of Moondust - Arthur C. Clarke This is one of those books with no enemy or protagonist unless you consider the harsh elements of the moon the enemy.

The Selene is a special made "boat" that carries tourist over the Sea of Thirst which is a sea of meters thick dust. In the moons environment this dust has most of the characteristics of a liquid.

As the story begins the Selene starts out on a cruise and due to a freak moon-quake sinks in the dust. The rest of the story covers the search and subsequent rescue attempts of the crew and passengers. It also shows how the passengers and crews handle being buried alive in the dust. Some of the ways they cope and pass the time is quite humorous.

While there are definitely stereotypes that reflect the time when this book was written it is still a great story with some really good characters. The story is paced just fast enough to keep you interested but not so fast that you lose track of the plot.