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Deathworld: Vol.3 Pb (No. 3)

Deathworld: Vol.3 Pb (No. 3) - Harry Harrison The intrepid Jason Dinalt is back for another adventure. In this installment he is trying to save the Pyrrans from themselves. He bankrupts himself by buying and old space freighter and taking some of the Pyrrans to the planet Felicity to set up a mining operation. But there is a catch, the barbarian horde! He devises a plan to infiltrate the horde and take over from within. But when this plan backfires in the worst way and he almost dies, Jason devises another plan that makes even the warlike and bloodthirsty Pyrrans balk.

All in all this is an enjoyable fast-paced read. I think it was a little better than Deathworld 2, but not as good as the first book.